10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Me

Photo Credit: Languren Photography

#1. I Moved Out When I Was 19.
Yes, I moved out of my parents house by the time I was 19. I was actually still going to college, had a job in retail, and I didn’t even own a car! You’re probably thinking, “what was I thinking”? But at 19, I felt like I needed a change in my life. Life in the big city is not always as nice as it seems. I was brought up in a house hold where we have to work hard to make a living and get to where you want. ( I still live by those values now) However, I felt as if my life didn’t have a true meaning, like I wasn’t really living my life. Instead I felt like a living robot machine. I would start my day at 5:30 am, catch a bus to school, try to pass my classes, catch another 3 buses to take me to work, finish homework (on those bus rides), work, then get home until 10pm. I know this may seem like nothing to a lot of people, but for me… I felt like I wasn’t living. 
So I moved out. I moved two states away to live with my soulmate Eric. I know it seems like a big move, I mean actually, yeah it was! But by then Eric and I had been together for 2 years in a long distance relationship, and we both knew it was time to start our lives together. 

#2. I Purchased My First House at 22.
I should say, “We” purchased “our” first house at 22 & 23. 
So after moving to Washington and living on our own, we decided we didn’t want to throw away money renting. I was working at a financial institution, and saw firsthand it was “the time to buy” houses. Interest rates and the cost of houses were really low… it was silly to be renting when you can actually buy! The best part was our money would go towards owning a home. So just like I took that leap and moved 2 states away, (not knowing what lay ahead of me) we took a leap and purchased our first home. We purchased a little old 800 sf farmhouse on 3 acres of land out in the country. I call it “The House on Hess” since it was on Hess Road. It was perfect for us! We were so proud of such a big accomplishment, and finally have a place to call our own. Like they say, love grows best in little houses.

#3. We Are Currently Building a House.
We had many plans for our little “House on Hess”, but we both knew it was only going to be temporary from the start. I mean it was a perfect house for a single couple, but we knew once we started our family we were going to have to expand. (Hold on, we still have no babies in the picture! But we do plan on starting a small family in the next 5 years or so. )So we had to make a home decision. Make an addition to our small little farmhouse, or buy a bigger house?  We slowly started getting quotes on making an addition to the house. I sketched up a few designs on how we wanted to fixer upper our casita, and Eric kept an eye on the market to see if any houses with land were in the market. Oh yeah… we wanted to stay in our little small town of Prosser, WA. We loved the country life so our next house had to have a chunk of land. By this time its January of 2018 and we figured we probably wouldn’t have any luck until the spring of 2018. Then out of the blue, as if it were a sign from God, a customer/friend of Eric, tells him he’s looking to sell 5 acres of land and if we were interested in buying. I mean the land was great, but we needed a house! So what did we do? We started looking into building. By now, you’ve probably caught on that we are risk takers, we take chances, and have so much faith in God. We took a leap of faith, sold our first home, and purchased the land to build on.  Now we are building our first family home that should be completed in the next couple months. (2018)

#4. Growing Up I Wanted To Be An Interior Designer.
Ok for those of y’all who don’t know me so well should know I am obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. For those of y’all who do know me, my obsession for home designing didn’t originate from them. My father has worked in construction since way before I was born. Growing up my dad was always working on fixing houses, landscaping, and remodeling our house. 
He was, and still is a handyman, and he is the reason I dreamed of becoming an interior designer since I was a little girl. Nothing was better than those times he would take my baby sister and I along with him to see projects he was working on in the summer.  When I wasn’t out overlooking my dad work,  I’d be home watching my first obsession before Fixer Upper, “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”. Gosh did I love that show! (Made me cry all the time too!) As I grew up and got ready to go to college, I decided I didn’t want to go to school just for Interior Design. I saw it as a hobby I could do instead, so I changed my career to accounting. I figured living in the Silicon Valley I needed something that would give me the skills and knowledge to make money and make a living. My career path is still taking turns, but that passion for home decorating is still strong. 
It’s funny how things turn out actually. I may have not chose interior designing as a career, but now I get to use my passion for it on our new home.

#5.  I’m An Educational Assistant.
I chose to go to school for accounting after highschool, and even worked at a financial institution for 4 years. It was a great job, great benefits, payed really well, but I just wasn’t happy.  Once again I was lost in my career path, wanting to take a turn but not knowing where. I knew I wanted to keep helping people make a difference in their lives. At the time, my sister had graduated and became a certified teacher, so I started looking into taking a turn and helping children. I volunteered for Junior Achievement, then landed a job as an Educational Assistant.  My new goal is to finish school, and become a 2nd grade teacher. I’m entering my 3rd year as a middle school Educational Assistant, in the small farm town of Sunnyside, WA. I fell in love with my job on the very first day and knew Education was where I want to work in forever. Middle Schoolers can be so challenging, but they are one of the best group of kids & I’m so blessed to work with them. 

#6. I Hate Beer.
I hate it.
It makes me bloat, and I just don’t like the flavor of it!
 No long paragraph going into details of why I don’t like it, so we’ll just move along.

#7. I Love Naps.
No, like really… I’m not just saying this because it’s on almost every graphic tee I see in store nowadays, but because I really do love taking naps. My brother still makes fun of me to this day and tries to clown on me because everyday, as soon as we came home from school, I would flap down on our brown leather sofa and nap. When I was in High School I would mostly take naps after school because my sleep schedule was horrible! I would stay up all night on Myspace or Facebook and sleep super late. I had to make up my sleep during the day to function properly lol. Today social media is not the reason for my lack of sleep. I actually have an old lady schedule now. I wake up everyday at 5am, and I have to be in bed by 10pm. I’m almost getting my 8 hours of sleep a day, but every now and then if I’m tired from work, I’ll get home and nap with Dulce. Hey don’t judge me, I’m just trying to take in and enjoy these naps before parenthood takes them away! lol

#8. I’m a Homebody.
I’m a homebody and I love it! Thats right, I much rather stay in and watch a movie then go to social outings. Unless it’s a family thing then I’m all there! I cherish family get togethers. But back to enclosing myself at home… I don’t know, I just love being home. I swear if I didn’t have to work, you will catch me hibernating all winter at home.(& no Eric, the 2 weeks I get off for winter break don’t count, I’m talking Nov, Dec, Jan, and 1/2 of Feb!) I can already imagine how hard it’s going to be to leave my house once it’s all built & cozied up! 

#9. I Did NOT Start Going To Rodeos Because of Eric.
Eric and I love attending Rodeos. From California, up Oregon, to Washington. (Canada’s Calgary Stampede is next on our bucket list) I’ve never been told this, but I can see how people would perceive I only gained interest in Rodeos because of Eric. I mean after all, I did grow up in the city right? Well, I’ve actually been going to Rodeos for as far back as I can remember. My Dad is a Vaquero, and he always had a passion for Mexican and American Rodeos. He always took us to the rodeos and PBRs in the surrounding areas. He loved dressing my siblings and I in western wear, and taking us to the Cow Palace in San Francisco, The PBR in Oakland, The California Rodeo in Salinas, and many more small town rodeos around the area. It’s always been a part of my life. I’m just very lucky to have a partner who loves going as much as I do now.

#10. I Am A Woman Of God.

Proverbs 31:25

I grew up in a very catholic house hold. I attended Catechism weekly, every year growing up until I was 16. I went to mass every Sunday and prayed often. But I want to say it wasn’t until I moved to Washington at 19 on my own, that I really grew closer to God. I was moving 2 states away, to a town, a family, a life I was unfamiliar with. I grew closer to God because although I was doing this all by myself, I wasn’t alone; He was with me. Now I talk to God daily, and always give thanks for all our blessings. There is so much faith in my little heart that I am no longer afraid. Yes, I have many plans for my future and what lies ahead in my life, but I know his plans for me are bigger. When there’s chances, I take them… Because I know God is with me. Fail or succeed, I know its going to be alright. I am not alone, I am a woman of God.

Proverbs 31:25


  1. Yadi, feels like I just caught up with you over a cup of coffee! Thanks for sharing! You are so creative! My favorite part was learning you are a Woman of God, I too am and feel closer to you already! Also, no wonder you are so happy, you still take naps, I need to implement that in my day!
    Congratulations on your success and learnings. Best wishes.

    Elizabeth Gonzalez

    1. Aww Elizabeth, Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. My absolute favorite part of writing these posts is the deep connection I am making with y'all:) I hope all is well with you and your beautiful family, and as for those naps... I know its harder since you're now a mother of 2... but any little window opening you get girl take it! ��lol

      -Simply Yadi