Our Wedding Journey

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Eric & I are officially 2 months away from our wedding day!!!!
It's crazy how almost 2 years ago we started planning our big day after taking a trip to Mexico. On today's post I am going to fill you in on everything of our wedding journey this far!

The Big Day
Eric & I were initially planning to get married the summer of 2016, in the small town that we currently live in. I fell in love with the idea of having an outdoor wedding. However, we decided to postpone our wedding to the summer of 2018 since 2016 & 2017 quickly turned to a busy year for us. In December of 2016, Eric and I took a trip to Mexico to visit my dads beautiful hometown in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco. It was Eric's first time visiting Lagos, and he instantly knew why I loved it so much. In the heart of this beautiful town, stands a beautiful, historical Parish where I was baptized as a baby. Eric and I were sitting in the Jardin across the church admiring its beauty and eating Mexican ice cream when I said to him, "Wouldn't it be so nice to get married here, the same place I was baptized"? Eric looked down at me with a big smile and said, "Lets do it". We shared the news with our family and friends over the next couple of days and the planning began! Across Lagos there are beautiful haciendas (Mexican Ranches) where we could have our venue. My dream of an outdoor wedding was starting to become a reality. We booked our venue, photographer, and caterer all a year in advance, and decided on December 22, 2018 to be the big day.

The Dress
 Earlier this year in February, I started to plan to look for my wedding dress. Due to my past experiences dress shopping, and countless episodes of "Say Yes to the Dress", I wanted to make this moment as stress free and as special as I could. I knew what silhouette and style I was looking for in my dress, so I called a small bridal boutique a few blocks from where I work called Fashion Corner.
They were able to squeeze me in to see their selection as soon as I was off of work that day. I took my good friend and coworker Aurora with me to see what they had in store. I walked in with the intention of trying on the silhouette and styles I liked, to see if it was what I truly wanted. WELL, the second dress in I instantly fell in love with the dress, and I didn't want to look any more! I face timed my mom, we had our moment, and I said Yes to the Dress! When I told my sisters they were a little upset since I had planned to dress shop with them in California in the Spring, but overall they were happy I found the one!

The Bachelorette Party
 My oldest sister Carmen got married this summer in June, so she put together a joint bachelorette party for the both of us in April before her wedding. It was the best! She planned a 3 day Carnival Cruise from Long beach to Ensenada. For those of y'all who don't know, I come from a family of girls! Yes, I have so many primas! In total, we were a party of 19 girls (& that's not counting all the girls in my family over all ). Since I live in WA, I don't see much of the girls anymore so this trip was really amazing to reconnect and catch up with them. This was one of the best trips with so many fun memories. From bachelorette scavenger hunts on the ship, to karaokes, and horseback riding on the beach (where Esme almost broke her toe and Susie lost her chancla), this was by far the best bachelorette I could have ever had. And most importantly I shared it with the girls I love.

My Bridesmaids
In June, as I was in California for Carmen's wedding, I took the time to propose to my girls! I've always dreamt of having my sisters by my side as I say "I do". I made the most cutest proposals ever which I will definitely make a post about .. so keep an eye out for that! In their gift proposal I included a succulent plant and their bridesmaid dresses. (which I will also have to post about). I chose my baby sister Grisel to be my Maid of Honor, and Carmen and Maria to be my bridesmaids. OK, so I know I said "sisters" and Maria is my sister in law (brothers honey of 10+ years), but she's been more of a sister to me than my own sisters so we're blood sisters now! 

The Padrinos (Godparents)
Since we will be receiving the sacrament of marriage through the Catholic Church, we have chosen a few sponsors to be a special part of our blessing.  
  • Padrinos de Honor: This is a couple who lives a good example of marriage, and whom we look up to. They are the ones who will watch over our marriage, and in the future they will spiritually support us. Eric's parents, Luis and Gina, will be our main padrinos. 
  • Padrinos de Lazo: Our good friends Joaquin and Vero will be in charge of linking our marriage. They will also accompany and guide us, so we could have a stable and lasting relationship like theirs. -plus a little back story,  Joaquin took Eric to California when we first met! Thanks for all your love and support future compadres.
  • Padrinos De Anillo: Our Ring godparents will give us the alliances on the altar. This a couple we trust and admire, therefore we chose my Tio Javier & Tia Linda.
  • Padrinos de Biblia y Rosario: The Bible, book of the family, and the Rosary, an indispensable instrument in family prayer, will be part of our new home. We chose our Tio Jr. & Tia Delia to be our padrinos for this gift.  They are a couple that inspires us and we love dearly.
  • Madrina de Arras: The arras are a symbol of good luck and abundance. The madrina de arras is someone who is very close to us, therefore we chose Eric's Grandma Toña to be our madrina de arras.
  • Madrina de Ramo: The bouquet symbolizes my joy and virtues. I chose my mother to be my Madrina de Ramo, so that with her I can offer my bouquet to the Virgen.
  • Flower Girl: As our flower girl we chose Eric's cousin Jojo. She is too cute and just as excited as I am for the big day. Together we searched for her flower girl dress, as well as make her flower crown. Check out the video under the DIY tab :)

The Planning
 I can honestly say planning this wedding from afar has been surprisingly calming and actually quite enjoyable because of the help we have received from my family in Lagos, especially my Tio Javier. In July I went ahead and hired a wedding planner, Lau Anaya who is heaven sent. I honestly would go through this whole experience all over again with her help. I understand how planning from afar is stressful, but she is amazing at her work, and thanks to technology we can speak and make decisions on the wedding as if we were there. 

The Wait
So now that I've updated y'all with the wedding, you can now join us as we wait for the big day! Weirdly enough, I don't feel as nervous as I thought I would feel as the day gets closer. With so much going on in our lives, (Work, School, new house, and wedding) it's actually been quite nice to have other things on our mind. I feel that if we just had the wedding on our mind...  we'd be a little more stressed. My main goal from the beginning has been to enjoy these moments. Yes I want our wedding day to be perfect, but I understand some things may not turn out as planned.. and its ok. Our main focus is to get married and become husband and wife. At the end of the day all the little details won't be as important as this beautiful blessing we will be receiving in Gods name. 

1 Peter 1:16


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