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Okay, So I haven't been consistent with my weekly post as promised, but I'm working on getting better guys... promise! These last 3 weeks have been super crazy busy for us! At the end of last month, Eric and I took a quick trip to Mexico to attend my cousins wedding and also check in and finalize our wedding prep. It was a quick trip, but a very productive one as well. Our time over there did throw me off my school schedule a bit, so the following week I worked my butt off to catch up and get ahead on my assignments. Just when I thought I was caught up, last week M, T, & W I worked super long days because of conferences, again throwing me off schedule, so Blogging was the last thing on my mind. On the bright side, it was a short week since I got Th & F off, and Today is the last day of my 5 day weekend. It's safe to say I am caught up with homework, I've got my rest, and can give you guys a decent post. Ugh... I'm Stressed but Blessed!
 Thanks to those of you who asked me questions on my Instagram story, I was able to write Todays blog post with a Q & A. It was actually kind of fun so I hope to do another probably after the wedding. 
Happy Monday y'all & Enjoy!

Q: Do you plan on getting a new puppy soon? If so what kind?

A: Yes! Dulce is in need of a little brother and a playmate. We will definitely get another Yorkie!

Q: House Update: When will the construction be complete and when will you move in?

A: Cabinets, Flooring, and Exterior Paint should be completed this week! We're expected to move in by the end of this month! (November 2018)

Q: What Theme are you going with for your wedding?

A: I'm a simple gal & Eric's a cowboy so our theme is "Rustic Garden". We want to incorporate our Mexican traditions and keep it Western as well.

Q: Where do you and Eric plan to go on your honeymoon?

A: Spain!

Q: What is your favorite Dutch Bros Drink at the moment?

A: Although I haven't splurged on Dutch since the Summer, Iced Strawberry Peach Green Tea is usually my fave.

Q: Who is your favorite Sister?

A: I love all my sisters equally, but My Baby Sis Grisel & I share such a special bond.

Q: What are you going to school for?

A: I am studying to become an Elementary School Teacher.

Q: What are your go to shoes?

A: Slip Ons! Any Color, Print, or Brand

Q: What is your go to nail polish?

A: I love changing polishes with the seasons, but my fave polish is Dulce de Leche by OPI

Q: When do you plan on visiting California?

A: Next year in the Summer... or maybe sooner.

Q: Where would you like to travel?

A: I would love to visit the Greek Islands & Australia someday.

Q:What are your favorite stores to shop in?

A: Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, Target, and HobbyLobby. 

Q: Advice on a destination Wedding? 

A: Hire a Wedding Planner! It is the best investment you can make in a destination wedding. It will also save you and your family on so much stress. Also, have patience, and make a trip a few months before to make sure everything's good to go.

Q: Were you scared to move away from home ( to a different state), to start a new life?

A:  It was a Gutsy move...But I wasn't scared at all. Eric and I were so in love that it just felt Right.

Q: What are your favorite hair products/ styling tools?

A: I am currently obsessed with Morrocanoil's Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner! I use Argan oil daily, and I hardly use hot tools, (usually embrace natural waves) but when I do I stick with a straightener or a curling iron.

Proverbs 3:5

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