Happy New Year! 

These past two months have been so busy and they have flown by in the blink of an eye. I decided to stay away from my blog in December to check off everything on my list before the end of the year. I have so much to fill you guys in about; the wedding, the house, and our great experience in Mexico. Unfortunately, I did not vlog the day of the wedding as I said I would. I made a promise to myself that I was going to enjoy every single minute of the wedding, that I didn’t even have my phone to capture or take video. I simply soaked up everything at the moment, and it was the best decision I could have made. But don’t be bummed, we have the best photographer & videographer so I’ll share their work once I receive that as well. I will be posting a wedding blog this month, a house update, and many more fun content I can’t wait to share with you all. My New Year Resolution this year is to live my life without fear of the future, to trust in the Lord, and to be the best Yadi I can be. Our life on this Earth is not guaranteed to last as long as we plan, so lets live life to the fullest, love, and be kind each and every day. 
Happy New Years🍻 may your 2019 be all you dreamed of and more!

Proverbs 31:25

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