My Favorite Makeup Brand

Let's Talk Makeup!

Okay so before I get into this,
1. This is not a paid advertisement 
2. I am no Makeup Expert/Junkie! 
I simply want to share with you all my favorite makeup brand. I have tried so many brands in over 10 years from high end to drugstore, and never really felt content to commit with one until now.
I am a simple girl so all I really need is foundation,blush, and mascara and I'm set. I believe makeup is beautiful, and admire all the makeup talent that is out there, It's just style is keeping it minimal to enhance natural beauty.  So over a year ago I decided to make a change with my makeup to treat my face with nothing but healthy products. 
Which is why today I am sharing with you all my favorite makeup brand that gives me everything I need when it comes to natural, healthy, clean beauty...

I switched to bareMinerals a little over 1 year ago, and have been hooked on it ever since! I was sitting and chatting with my mother in law over coffee and pan dulce, as we flipped through the tv channels and landed on QVC. They were running a special on the bareMinerals Original Mineral Foundation. Needless to say we both fell in love with the product. I literally headed to my local Sephora the following day and purchased the "Get Started Kit" to give it a try.
Well the rest is history...

Back in September I shared with you all my makeup routine. (You Can Read That Here). Most of it is still the same, but I have now switched mascaras to bareMinerals "Flawless Definition Mascara".

Honestly, my skin wasn't really too bad before using bareMinerals. Aside from having Syringomas on my undereyes (Which is so stubborn to get rid of, but not very visible say the least),  I had normal skin, with a few bumps here and there, and occasional breakouts.  After using bareMinerals, those blemeshes were significantly reduced! My skin looks and feels so healthy! Not only is bareMinerals great for your skin, but it is also great for the environment. Clean Beauty is a Win Win.

What I love about using bareMinerals is it has made my skin feel so soft, and gives off a smooth and radiant finish!


Song of Songs 4:7


  1. Love it! I used to wear bare minerals in high school and made my skin look so healthy and fresh!! Great choice of makeup!!

    1. Oh I wish I would have tried this earlier! I am so obsessed with how fresh it looks, but also by how healthy it is overall:)

  2. I wish bare minerals worked for me! I tried it but my skin is too DRY for it. I ended up with the powder sitting on small patches around my face. I should give their liquid foundation a try but I really wanted the powder to work for an easier and fast application. Your pictures are gorgeous ��

    1. Oh no amiga:(
      You know during these winter months my skin gets a little dryer so I did begin to notice that happening to me around my mouth area! So I started hydrating my face and use a good night moisturizer and it really helped solve that problem:) With how cold it is in the PNW, taking those extra steps before applying makeup has really helped and my skins looking great! I hope its a tip that may help you out?:)

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