Refurbished Bed Frame

Hey y'all, Happy Monday!
I am back after a good couple of weeks MIA from the blog. 
I was really busy with finals, and then decided to do absolutely nothing for my spring break from school... which was actually pretty nice since I got to do some spring cleaning and binge on some new Netflix shows. Any who, I am back this week and I am sharing with you all this new spring project I tackled over the weekend. The snow is finally melting, and the temperatures are starting to rise so I am so excited to share that I will be posting more DIY post on the blog!!!
 (You have no idea how bad my inner Joanna Gaines has been waiting to come out)

This is a project I had planned to start in February, but due to the unexpected snow we got, it had to be delayed. It was finally warm enough ( 45-50∘F), over the weekend so I decided to refurbish my bed frame with a new coat of paint. I didn't want this finished project to have a perfect smooth finish, instead I wanted it to have a nice weathered look, so yes, I skipped sanding and the priming part and I am completely okay with that. 

Materials Used:

-Clean Towel 

Use a clean towel or rag to clean dust and grime off furniture


I used old cardboard to protect the floors from paint

- Chalk Paint

I used Rust-Oleum's Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in the color "Linen White". I purchased this from our local Ace Hardware store, and paid $18 for a 30 fluid oz can. I only painted one coat, and only used about half of the can for this project.


I've had this set of Wooster paintbrushes I used a couple years back. I purchased a 3 set of brushes for $25.  For this project I only used the 2" brush, and the 1" brush.



Hope y'all like it as much as I do!😊


  1. Why did you use Chalk paint? Is there anything special about it?

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