Why I’m Losing My Hair at 26

Hey Hey, Happy Sunday Y'all!
On Wednesday of last week I turned 26, which I was not looking forward to AT ALL, because now I am officially closer to my 30s than I was to my 20s. With turning another year older, I have began to see one of the most common signs of aging... 


Let me start off with a couple of facts I should probably clear up before I get into this.

1. I Have Full & Thick Hair.
Since I was younger, I have always had pretty thick hair. It is one of the aspects of my hair that I have always admired and loved the most. 
2. I Shed A Lot. 
Having thick full hair also meant it fell out a lot. I was used to it my whole life. 

If I was used to my hair shedding then why was I so alarmed?
For almost a month now, I had started to notice my hair extremely falling out. I'm talking about strands of it every time I ran my hands through my hair. I only wash my hair every other day, and I was seriously thinking about going longer without washing because I was so scared I was going to be bald after every shower. As if that wasn't annoying enough, I also started to notice my hair has getting thinner.

This can't be stress.. then what can it be?
The first thing that came to mind was stress. I had to rule it out right away however, because my life had been the complete opposite of stress since the new year. I no longer had the wedding or house building to stress about, and all I was left with was school and work (which I was tackling like a champ).
Ruling out stress, I came to the realization that it was just a sign that I was getting old. I vented to my sisters and a few friends of what I was dealing with, and I noticed a lot of them were going through or went through a similar thing with their hair. After girl venting to one of my good friends from work Maria, I mentioned my poor habit of not taking vitamin supplements as much as I should be. She suggested I check in with my doctor to see if perhaps I have a vitamin deficiency in my blood that may be causing my hair loss. Well that's exactly what I did.

Vitamin D Deficiency

The Great news about my lab results is everything in my blood work came back super healthy. The only bad news was my Vitamin D levels came back extremely low.

What are healthy levels of Vitamin D?
According to my doctor, the healthy levels of Vitamin D my body should be at, is a range from 30L to 100L.
I am at 14L.

How did I let my Vitamin D levels get so low?
The best way for our body to absorb vitamin D is through direct sunlight. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we don't get exposed to much sunlight during the winter, which in my case, is a big reason why my levels are extremely low. Remember I am California girl?, so growing up with plenty of sunshine I never had an issue with a deficiency in Vitamin D. Our winter days in Washington expose us to such little sunshine making our days shorter, and because it gets extremely cold, we are mostly indoors much of the time.

Is "Hair Loss" a Vitamin D deficiency side effect?
Yes. This explains why I was noticing my hair thinning and shedding more than usual. Vitamin D stimulates the hair follicles, so my deficiency was causing my hair loss. Other side effects of low vitamin D includes feeling tired, moody, or getting sick often. (which can possibly explain why I'm such a napaholic?)

How do I get my Vitamin D level back up?
The best prescription to get my Vitamin D level back up is to take a month vacation at a tropical island and absorb the sunshine all day.
I Wish. lol
My doctor prescribed Vitamin D supplements to help bring my Vitamin D levels back up. For the next 8 weeks I will be taking a 50,000 IU pill once a week. After 8 weeks I will have a follow up appointment to check my levels again and see if I need to continue on these supplements or stop.

How will I grow my hair back to its normal self?
So there are several options I can try...
1. Get Pregnant
My Doctor told me getting pregnant is one way to have your hair grow back. Plus I know so many women who can vow that pregnancy had made their hair grow so luscious. Now having it stay that way after pregnancy, is a different story. However getting pregnant is not on my plans just yet. If it happens it happens, however Eric and I would like a few more years to accomplish a few more goals before we start to grow a family.
2. Take Prenatal Vitamins
Although I am not pregnant, my doctor suggested prenatal pills are a great multivitamin that will give me a lot of nutrients my body needs.
3. Biotin Pills
I have purchased biotin pills before in the past but I did not stay consistent with it, so this time around I want to try it again, and actually stick to it.
4. Essential Oils
I did a lot of research for hair growth online, and I kept running into essential oils. I would really love to give this one a try, especially since there are so many other benefits to the oils besides helping with hair growth.

Thanks for taking the time to read today's blog. With our busy lives, we must remember to always put our health first. No one knows your body better than yourself, so if you notice something unusual, speak with your doctor.
It is always better to be safe than sorry.
If you have tried something for hair growth and it has worked for you please share in the comments below.
Have a blessed week y'all...

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