5 Pieces of Advice for Soon to be Brides

To all the future brides out there... this one's for you!

 I was once, (seems like yesterday ago) in the same shoes you are in. The final months before your wedding day are passing you by; and with it comes the anxiety, the stress, the nerves, and you probably feel overwhelmed. Girl, don't fear, sit back, enjoy this ride, and make the best of it! Okay that's probably easier said then done and who am I kidding, it is not that simple! So here are 5 pieces of advice I want to share with all of you soon-to-be brides before your special day.

1. Take your time
As you start planning your wedding, one of the most important things I can tell you is to take your time. I really mean it when I say give your self plenty of time so you are not rushing and stressing to put this wedding together. Either it be planning your wedding, the days leading up to your wedding, or the day of your wedding. Personally I would recommend you take at least a year to plan your wedding. I know countless brides who have rushed themselves to get married right after their engagement, leaving them only with a couple of months to put a wedding together. I have seen firsthand how overwhelming that can be, especially if they are planning this on their own. When this is the case, definitely seek help from those you are close to, or hire a wedding planner. Hiring a wedding planner was on of the best decisions I made, hands down! It took me 2 years to put our wedding together. Since it was in a different country, I wanted to give myself time to plan and make sure the process went as smooth as possible. Now if you may need more time than that, that is also fine. As matter of fact, did you know Eric and I got engaged in 2012 before I moved to WA? We never began planning our wedding because our top priority was to settle in this new life together. Keep in mind we were in a Long Distance Relationship for 2 and a half years before we eventually lived together. Although we were madly in love and wanted to get married, we also wanted to make sure we settled into this new chapter of our relationship by getting to know and love each other on a different level. After 4 years, 2 jobs, 2 cities and 2 homes later, we finally felt our feet were firm on the ground and knew it was time to invest in the wedding of our dreams. So we did just that in 2016. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! We knew from the start that we would get married, but Gods timing is perfect and we had grown so much as a couple that the timing was just right. 
Giving myself time made this journey much more enjoyable and allowed me to have the wedding of my dreams. I had plenty of time to add ideas on my Pinterest boards, and wow did it change so much over time. Having plenty of time also ensures that you will be able to book the vendors of your choice. Because we had plenty of time, we were able to do some research on different vendors, and really give us time to think about different ideas we had planned. So giving your self is important ladies! It will ensure you are organized, prepared, and sure about the decisions you make for your big day.

2. Girl, Do You!...

This advice here is actually a very important life lesson, but I think it is also very important to apply when planning a wedding. Because there is just so much going on, and so many people you want to involve, you get lost from doing what you truly want, and start doing what everyone else wants. NO, stop there, don't do it!  As brides, we get pressured to do things we may not want, simply to make others happy. We completely put aside our desires because it is not traditional or what our families and friends expect. For instance, lets talk choosing your wedding dress. One of the very valuable tips I have learned from watching Say Yes To The Dress a million times is, the less people you have with you... the better. It was completely devastating to see brides shatter when the people they love and trusted would bash on the wedding dress of their dreams. After her company put her down with their negative remarks, she does not leave with the dress because everyone judged it. The bride forgets she's shopping for herself, and not for everyone else. For this very reason I chose my wedding dress by myself. Yes my sisters hated me because they weren't there to help, but they forgave me 5 minutes later. So, whether it be choosing your wedding dress, bridesmaids, or deciding on what music you want played, do what you want. At the end of the day, this is your day, and what makes it special is that it is about you.  

3. ...But Let Your Fiance Have a Say

Okay I just ranted off how you should do what makes YOU happy, but please let your fiance have a say... I mean after all this is his wedding too. Most men trust in what you have to say and want to save themselves from making all these stressful decisions, but try to add something he loves. If you know my husband, he loves tequila so I made sure that there was plenty of his favorite, Centenario. Eric is also a cowboy so of course he had a say in choosing what to wear. He chose to be who he is, a true cowboy, and wore his cowboy hat, belt, and cowboy boots. I was also very lucky to have a husband agree on choosing a lot of our major vendors like our photographer, banquette, and venue. Grooms should have a say in the wedding planning too ladies. Although most men dread the planning part and will have you take the wheel, still seek what he's into and incorporate it. You can incorporate what kind of beer he would like, what kind of music or food he would enjoy, and what traditions he has in mind. Remember this day is one for the both of you to enjoy, it's your day.

4. Have God As a Guest Of Honor

As you may already know I am a little woman of big faith, so including God in our wedding planning was a MUST. I prayed daily, maybe even twice daily, for Jesus to take the wheel the day of our wedding. I prayed in hopes that everything turned out fine. Did everything turn out exactly how we planned? Almost entirely, but my prayers to have everything turn out fine meant everyone including ourselves were safe, happy, unstressed, and simply enjoying the day. “Lord I pray that you accompany me in the preparations for our wedding so that everything goes well, and we fulfill the wedding of our dreams”
Today 5 months later here I am still praying to God everyday. Before I used to pray that he be with us through our wedding journey, but now I pray that he now accompany us through our marriage journey. So ladies if you too are believers, invite God to be a guest of honor at your wedding. He is blessing you with the beautiful sacrament of marriage, invite him to be with you and celebrate with you every step of the way. By keeping your faith strong, God will listen and bless you with more than what you ask for. 

5. Be a Happy Bride 

Don't let anything ruin your day, and I mean this. Go into this journey knowing things may go wrong, whether it be your flowers didn’t look as you wanted, your schedule isn’t going as planned, what ever it is DON'T let it control your wedding day & most importantly your happiness. It may be from my experience with quinceañeras or as a bridesmaid that I see first hand how stressful it can be when these things get to you, so my best advice to you is going to be brush it off, and just enjoy your dayDid you know I was put to the test the day of my wedding to test my happiness? You can plan all you want but there are always things that can happen that are out of your control. It is up to you to determine if that will affect your happiness. 

For me, it was a makeup malfunction. My makeup artist and her team were amazing, my right eye however, (the eye that was exposed and not hidden beneath my bangs, because its my good side) decided to be the biggest jerk on my wedding day. Let me clarify why my eye was out to destroy me on my wedding day... 

I have no problem using makeup or wearing false lashes like I did on my wedding day, but this morning my eye was just not having it. After applying my face makeup and finishing up my eye makeup, a tear started rolling out my eye. A little tissue and a touch up could fix the problem right? Well it didn’t for me. No mater what I did, my right eye couldn't stop crying. It was as if wind were blowing in my eyes but there was no wind! Tears just kept strolling down the right side of my face, taking with it my eyeliner and concealer and leaving a dark ugly crease in my under eye. This malfunction caused me to change my plans. I was supposed to have my first look and family pictures before we headed to the Church, but because of my malfunction, I was running late so we had to make some changes. After about an hour of trying to fix my eye from crying, I decided to just go and take our first look pictures. I figured, well I'm gonna cry some more because I know how emotional these first pictures can be, so its OK. I went to take my pictures, cried and smeared my makeup even more as I expected,  but I remained calm and put the malfunction behind me. I decided to be a happy bride, and enjoy the moment. Clearly I had done all I could do to make things right, but it wasn't helping, so I just ignored it and went on with the day. It was the best thing I could have done and I am still surprised I handled it the way I did. I have to give credit my awesome photographers Cinematic Fly, my amazing wedding planner, Lau Anaya, and my bridesmaids for remaining positive and calm because their energy rubbed off to me. So future brides, this is my last and most valuable advice, 
On your wedding day where you can be anything,Be a Happy Bride. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Please share this post to any future brides you believe this would be helpful to. Also,  if you would love to keep up with my latest posts make sure you subscribe to my email list as well.Thanks for stopping by, until next time! 


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