Tomorrow’s  National Dog Day! & What perfect timing to write this post because it just so happens to be Dulce's 4th birthday this week as well. ( Aug 27). Not her birthday like the day we brought her home, but her birthday like the actual day she was born and welcomed into this world. Since I don't think I have ever properly introduced her on here, this post will be all about her!

Dulce the day we brought her home, October 2015
Since moving to Washington in 2012, I have yearned for a small dog companion! I grew up with small dogs my entire life,  so when choosing the right puppy, I knew it had to be a small breed. Because we agreed on a small indoor dog, it was important to choose a hypoallergenic breed. We did some research on mini poodles, yorkies, and Maltese, but when we met Dulce, we knew she was the perfect puppy.

Dulces 3rd birthday, last year Oct, 2018

This year Dulce turns 4, (or 32 in dog years)
She has her own little personality which we love so much!
She is so friendly when people give her attention, yet so shy at the same time. She loves to be baby talked by strangers, yet hates being held by them. I think Eric and I are to blame because we spoil her so much, that she's not interested in bonding with anyone else but us. 
She doesn't really care much for other dogs unless it's her brother Bandit (Eric's Blue Heeler). He was the first dog she met when we brought her home, and the only big dog she's not shy to be around.
Dulces favorite corner of the couch

Her favorite words to spike her attention are "cookie" and "Lets go".
Her favorite treats are carrots and peanut butter buddy biscuits.
Her favorite tricks are "sit, down, and kissy"

She hates yard sprinklers, and loves to attack them.
Her favorite toys are her kong ball & lamb chop, but rather play with empty fruit cups, and socks.
She also LOVES dressing up, and her go to outfit are her grey onesie pajamas.

We take her almost everywhere with us, from out shopping, to visiting her grandparents, to roadtrips to Cali...she loves getting out of the house. Although she's outgoing, the moment she's gets back home, she will rest in her bed for hours! (She loves her sleep just like her mama)

We have been so blessed to have her in our lives, and we love her so so much!

Happy Birthday Dulce!


  1. Love it! Happy Birthday Dulce🎉
    From Lola🐶 and I😘😘

  2. Thank you Ruby & Lola����