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Last month I got a lot of positive feedback on an Instagram question I answered on my stories, where I shared some relationship advice. Since this month is our anniversary month, and Eric and I will be celebrating 9 years together, I'll be sharing what has helped us keep our relationship healthy, solid, and strong all these years. 
So there is a lot that goes into a relationship. It takes patience, trust, faith, commitment, and 2 people in love to make a relationship work right? Although those are important in our relationship, it actually took more than that in our relationship.
9 years is quite a journey, and the person I was when I was 17 is not the same person I am today. The years will change you and your partner,  but the love you have should remain the same. You will start to love who you are transitioning to, the same way you will start to love the person your spouse is becoming. Although you start changing as a person, (in hopes of the better), these 3 things must always remain in your relationship, just as your love for one another. I truly believe these are building blocks that help form a strong foundation in your relationship from the start.


This is a piece of advice that was passed down to me by my parents, grandparents, family, and even close friends. What I mean by respect, is respecting yourself and your partner physically and emotionally.

Respect yourself physically and emotionally by loving yourself, treating your body right, and standing up for your beliefs. After all, how will you expect someone else to treat you right if who it really matters from (you) isn't complying. Love yourself first to know your true value, to set those boundaries and expectations in your relationship. 
Respect your partner physically and emotionally by never insulting one another, or speak out of anger to hurt each others feelings. In our 9 years together, never have we ever called each other insulting or bad words. It is not how our parents raised us in our families, so we carry that in our relationship. As my dad always said once you start the disrespect, it will only become more frequent from there. Another very important piece of advice is, just as you don't insult each other directly, don't insult your partners behind their back. Speak kindly of them. It doesn't matter how frustrated you may get, never go on and speak badly of your partner to your family or friends in the heat of the moment. 


Since the start of our relationship, communication was a key factor in strengthening our relationship especially in the first two years since we were in a long distance relationship. During our LDR, we communicated all the time, either via text, calls, or face time. We built up our communication skills during our LDR that by the time we moved in together, we were consistent in communicating face to face. Now what I mean by communication is not only conversing with each other, but talking openly, and honestly to each other. You must also never assume your partner will know everything about you or if something is bothering you. (Although I hope after 10 years Eric can🙈)By opening up and actively listening to each other, you can practice good communication that will help strengthen your relationship. By communicating, you will begin to understand each others feelings, which in turn will help you value them as well. 


This last advice is something my dad instilled in us since we were younger prior to dating, but it strongly applies to couples and marriages as well. What I mean by energy, is the energy, vibes, or people you surround yourself with.  If you surround yourself with negative people, the negativity will soon rub off on you. Like there is really Scientific research indicating that negativity is contagious. The example I absolutely love is placing a rotten fruit in a bowl of good fruit. The mold from the rotten fruit, will spread over to the good fruit making it rotten as well. Well the same applies to us as humans, and the same applies to us in relationships as well. Surrounding yourself with couples in negative relationships can rub off on your relationship as well. Instead surround yourself with couples who carry strong healthy relationships, who respect each other, who value each other, who you can see as mentors to your relationship. Eric and I love to stick to this advice and it is really nice to have friends who value their relationships as husband and wife as we do. We also love and get so inspired by older people who have managed to stay married for decades, and seek all the advice we can from them. We are very blessed to have mentors that we look up to in marriage in our family and friends, and hope to become mentors ourselves as well as inspire other couples. 

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If you are in a relationship experiencing abuse and cannot speak to your partner, please reach out to a family, friend, or loved one, or seek help at 
1-800-799-SAFE (7233) 


  1. I aspire to be as patient, loving and kind as you are Yadi! Thank you for sharing such amazing advice. I will tell you that I relate to a lot of it and it can’t be said any better��

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