Refurbished Desk

Hi y'all!
1 week into quarantine, and being the homebody that I am, I am absolutely loving staying home. (especially since this time it's for a good cause)
This week Eric purchased a used executive desk online, for a bargain of a price. Although the color wasn't really much of our taste, it's a really great quality piece by Aspenhome, so we couldn't pass on it. I thought I'd freshen it up, give it a little makeover, and add a little personal touch. Eric insisted I paint our brand in the center, and although my hand was a little shaky and it's not even, we're still happy on how it looks. Here's what I used to refurbish this baby...

Materials Used:

-Clean Towel 

Use a clean towel or rag to clean dust and grime off furniture


I used newspapers to protect the floors from paint

- Chalk Paint

I used Rust-Oleum's Chalked Ultra Matte Paint in the color "Linen White". I purchased this from our local Ace Hardware store, and paid $18 for a 30 fluid oz can. I only painted one coat, and only used about half of the can for this project.


I've had this set of Wooster paintbrushes I purchased a couple years back. I got a 3 set of brushes for $25 at Home Depot.


I used Miniwax Gel Stain in the color, Coffee, along with a foam brush.





Hope y'all like it as much as I do!😊

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