DIY Welcome Sign

Hey y'all!
A few weeks ago on my Instagram, I shared a couple stories creating this DIY Welcome sign. Most of the materials I had at home so I spent under $10 on this project! Don't have a cricut or fancy cutting machine? No problem! I made this sign using a printer and a few materials I had at home. The materials I used for this project are as followed:

- Wood board 
(I used a shelve mounting board that was left over when building our home. 
It is 6ft tall, and 15 inches wide)
-White Paint
(I used this white chalk paint I used on my Refurbished Bed and Desk)
-Black Paint 
(This is one of the items I purchased for this product since I had no black paint on hand)
-Paint Brushes
(I also purchased these smaller craft brushes, since mine were too big)

I printed out these letters in the font Baskerville on an 8.5x11 paper. I turned the letters horizontally, to make them as big as I could. I cut out the letters and and set them aside to use them as stencils. 

I painted the board with the white paint,  and let it dry out for a couple hours. Then I traced the cutout letters on the board using a pencil. 
I centered the letters and set them 1.25 inches apart from one another.

Using the smaller brushes I began to trace the letters first, and then I began to fill the rest of the letter using the bigger brushes. 

I let the sign dry for a couple hours, before displaying it on my front porch.
Here is the final result. 
(I tried painting a custom logo at the top and failed, but I will go back and reattempt it next time)

Hope you found this post helpful to create your own Welcome sign for your home. If you like this project, click the subscribe button, or follow me on Instagram or Pinterest for more. 

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